About You and I

Patient-centered practice

This is a patient-centered practice.  Therefore, our goals are dependent on what your needs, wants, and goals are.  You are the most important person on your healthcare team and only you can do the healing.  I will deliver the best care possible to help guide you through the healing process.

To begin care, there is a 4 step process:

  1.  We need to find out if we get along.  Sounds crazy, but some people switch care to this office, because they didn’t get along with a previous doctor or the doctor didn’t listen to their needs.
  2.  We need to find out what you’re looking for?  What are your health goals or problems?  If your goals or needs are not something we can provide, then it would be good for you to know that up front before you invest your important time and money.
  3. By performing an examination, we’ll know if I can help you or not and give  you options to move you in the right direction?  If we need to refer you elsewhere, we will.
  4. Finally, you make a no-pressure decision backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Next step is to get a hold of us to set up your consultation.  Either call us at 970-779-7194, fill out a contact form, or go to our online scheduler and schedule yourself directly.


About Doctor Zimney:

Dr. Lance Zimney has been practicing in Loveland, CO since July 2010, where he continues to help his family and the residents of northern Colorado achieve greater health.

First encounter with chiropractic – not what you’d think

At age six, Dr. Zimney had his first encounter with chiropractic in his hometown of Jamestown, ND.  After a two week episode of uncontrolled bed wetting, his grandmother advised that he be taken to a local chiropractor who had previously helped her oldest child (his uncle) with the same condition as a child.

Dr. Zimney’s mother, a registered nurse, had never heard of such a thing, but nothing else they had tried at home was working.  Fortunately, the skilled chiropractor was able to pinpoint areas of the spine holding nerve stress, known as subluxations.  With a few simple adjustments, the subluxations were corrected,  the bed wetting issue resolved, and Dr. Zimney has been a believer in the restorative power of chiropractic ever since.

Living life in motion…lots of motion

Although impressive, it was not that experience that drove him to chiropractic as a profession.  Dr. Zimney got involved in organized sports at an early age.  Ice hockey was his favorite to play, followed by football, baseball, golf, wrestling, and eventually distance running.  As his parents soon learned, all three of their kids had an abundance of energy and a love for activity and sport.

As they grew up, it soon became one varsity sport season after another and it never seemed like there was a break.  Eventually all three kids settled on a love for track and cross country, which soon led to high school conference and state championships, then college conference championships, regional championships and finally, national competition.

Through all the stress and strain on the body, each sibling came back to chiropractic as a way to reduce the stress and help heal from the physical demands of sport.  Like a sound diet, proper sleep, and an optimal training plan, it was another key to helping them hold an edge over their competitors.

Pain as a wake-up call and turning point

While in nursing school at Jamestown University and enjoying athletic success, Dr. Zimney started to develop very sore legs and eventual numbness and tingling from his intense training.  Rest, ice, acupuncture and chiropractic did not seem to help.  With a will to compete and a never-give-up attitude, he attempted to train through the pain.  At the time, he believed pain was “weakness leaving the body” or “whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger,” and other such slogans repeated as he strove for success.  It was through this pain that he learned a hard lesson: ignoring pain is not good for you!

After a proper diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome, Dr. Zimney realized that he had a choice to make: give up running, have surgery, or risk losing his legs from the knees down.  He chose surgery, did not lose his legs, and was able to resume running about six months later.  It was during his stay in the hospital and recovery after that he realized he did not want to finish nursing school, but instead wanted to help people before they ended up in the hospital in similar situations with similar, difficult choices to make.

Dr. Zimney switched his major to biology and knew that somewhere in that field he would eventually help others. He graduated from Jamestown College (now Jamestown University) in ’97 with a degree in biology.

A better path

In January of 2001 he began chiropractic school after his uncle (a chiropractor) and future brother-in-law (in chiropractic school at the time), suggested it would be the right choice for him.  Dr. Zimney graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN in 2004.

After a life-changing mission trip delivering chiropractic to hundreds of people in El Salvador, he returned to Minnesota and spent the next six years serving the Minneapolis/Twin Cities area.  Working with the great doctors and staff at LifeForce Family Chiropractic, he was able to help thousands of patients experience the restorative benefits of neurologically-based chiropractic.

Today, Dr. Zimney continues to help individuals and families live life to the fullest.  He continues to compete in local road races and occasionally ultra marathons.  Elite Spartan racing is his favorite sport, along with golf, fly fishing, hunting, camping, and ice hockey.  In his spare time, Dr. Zimney volunteer coaches youth distance runners and is helping train his nieces, Kenadi and Olivia Krueger, to reach their goal of one day being Olympic distance runners.