Chiropractic Office

One Decision Can Change Your Life
Welcome to Life In Motion Chiropractic & Wellness.
We are truly happy and blessed to serve you. We hope that your experience with us is different. We use true principals of chiropractic care, state-of-the-art technology, and a technique that is not only safe, but specific & scientific and based on your individual body’s needs. We are committed to getting you healthy and keeping you healthy, so you can live the best life possible.
There are no treatment rooms here. We consider chiropractic a treat…not a treatment.
We do not care for people’s problems…we care for the person. We care for you, the person who has walked through this door looking for the answer to a problem that has not yet been solved.
Like your home, we want you to feel comfortable and safe here. You may see kids running around and getting care. Some of those kids may be over 90 years old!
If it seems there are times when we are having too much fun, please let us know. That means we are doing something right and, of course, feel free to join in.
Often we go through life looking for a cure for an illness or condition, when it was right under our nose the entire time. Many will search far and wide for a miracle drug or potion to cure the illness or dis-ease when, most times, all those will do is mask the symptoms…not the restoration of true health.
True health comes from within. It is a state of optimal function and communication of all the body systems OR what we call EASE. Our goal is to restore function by restoring communication & EASE.
Regardless of where you’ve been, think of today as a new beginning. A beginning that can, and will,change your life.
The world is full of stresses that affect us in different ways. What we need is a place for healing. A place with no stress.
Consider this your haven for healing.
Thank you again for trusting us with your health. We look forward to serving you and may you feel blessed with the experience as true health returns to your body. As an active participant, you will see faster and longer lasting results. The quality of your health is your responsibility and is based on your decisions. We thank you for choosing us to assist you in this process.
Lance A. Zimney; DC